Toxic Light; or, the Dystopia

1. All hail the glorious leader

He who guides the world with his hand

He is the way, the truth, the light

And in his hands are keys holy

Hail to the almighty of men

Hail to the everlasting chief

2. The blood of enemy nations

Floods our fertile fields of tall grain

We send our monsters far away

And our valorous men-at-arms

To push the lonely borderline

Lest we rise up in rage and starve

3. The majestic hawk, lord of flight,

Battles a thousand robot eyes

The men of darkness follow you

And observe the foulest of deeds

Confess your sins to a law-priest

Before their wrath falls on your house

4. A dollar can buy anything

In the city of sultry grime

Taste the air- cheap wine on your lips

Another five purchase the judge

Two for police, ten for mayor

The price of souls is a penny

5. The bitter medicine

Worked its awful effects

Now all fall before us

No masters, no servants

Only men may live here

In the darkest kingdoms

Mad emaciation

For the war internal

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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