toxic circles

Sat, 07/27/2013 - 06:29 -- Evi

Angel’s love was imperfect… but oh! The drug was so worth it.

So good in fact, we had to fall apart.

Still, our shards of glass would try to reattach... But  the sides don’t match.

So, we sat and watched our life collapse.

Then I stabbed her through the chest...

She returned the favor, and we left...

The blood on the knife and admired the mess.

Inspired by how her skin compliments the red, I feel forever I’m in debt

To her heart... her scars… her bed.

…. Or is it in my head?!

Truth is, I’m an addict with an itch to scratch

A wrist to slash

And for this love perhaps…I might relapse.

Just like a line of glass… she gets me high that fast.

And when she cried, I laughed

But deep inside, I cracked.

I watched her eyes turn black… it was so sad I cried.

She laughed.

This is insanity at its finest

Her love lays a hand on me… I turn spineless.

From the dust on her vanity, to my sewed shut eyelids...

We’re such a beautiful crisis.


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