Town of Myths

In this great city

all the world's myths live in one shared space

and just like in any other city, everyone has their part to play.

the gnomes are gardeners and landscapers,

pegasus' pull checkered taxi chariots,

Thor the town's weather man, I never miss a forecast

Hercules owns a construction company,

and the forest fairies work for the local environmental non-profit.

Today a group of them actually had a climate protest in front of Plutus Inc.

"Save Our Forests!" they chanted,

"There Is No Planet B!"

Such hippies.

Dressed in their leafy dresses and flower crowns, with long dredlocked hair,

holding big signs with words in bold red and black ink

And here comes Plutus - richest businessman in town

limping down the building steps with his cane, a look of rage burning his face

He needed to clear some of the forest in order to expand his business

But those forest fairies weren't about to let him without a fight

"You ignorant fools!" he hollered in frustration.

"I need that land more than those useless trees!"

I walk past the confrontation up towards my favorite ice cream spot -

Tajimamori's House of Sweets.

Just another day in paradise.


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Our world


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