A Town As It Grew

The storm has come,

The storm has gone.

Things were destroyed, 

One by one.

The winds blew strong,

As we grew weak.

But we stayed safe,

As long as we had to be.

Now in this morning,

Without a trace of rain.

We come out of our shelters,

To see what our town was made of.

Floods, fires and electricity,

Were all gone from the night.

Picking up pieces of memories,

As hearing cries from children.

Though, us as a town, 

Grew strong that day.

Clothes, food, and money,

Were brought towards our way.

Had donations and hot soup,

Waiting for those who needed.

One by one we grew together,

We grew this town again.

Started a routine,

With school and work,

Now we are prepared,

For something worse.

This poem is about: 
My community


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