Tower of Pride

Wed, 10/16/2019 - 15:40 -- blueKD

A great old plain sat 

Empty and ready to be made a home of

A great many people came, 

their understanding of each other were whole 

Their words and tongues unbroken 

Treading the earth step in step

Pacing the land with even tracks 


They came to this great old plain

It laid out like a song

The grasses were high and gold like halos 

The animals lives circled around each other in marriage

A wealthy river held the land in it’s hand 

All life wild but waning from it’s split with heaven

In need of hands and backs to tend it’s melody


As the people united came step in step 

They saw the unblemished land 

And as they looked into the heavens above it 

In step, each heart beat to grasp it

Nothing, they knew could break their community

Nothing, but what was greater than them

Nothing, but what dwelled in heaven


Fearing the thought of their broken community

Desiring to always sing and understand their brothers words 

They stood together in this great old plain 

And to it’s delight, decided to make a home of it

They lived together, gently held by the hand of the river

Harvesting and planting the halos of the grass

And balancing the blood song of each animal 


But, fear and pride walked among these brothers

And in step they turned their ear to hear it’s mutterings

They cried, “What have we to fear of heaven!” 

They pondered, “Aren’t we greater than the stars?” 

They boasted, “Couldn’t we outnumber their count and shine brighter?” 


So in step they pulled the earth from the river

And baked it into bricks

All hands worked to build.

All their backs bent in labor.

Taller and taller they built their home and a city showed face

Until a tower took shape among them and out loud they sang 

“Up to heaven we shall climb, to show the stars our name!”


As fear and pride baked the bricks of their city

The Being of heaven looked down and saw them building up

“They could reach us if they tried

But look at the plain in which they live

The river has lost it’s wealth and the grass is watered with blood savagely spilled.

All that man sought to protect was forgotten in their pride and fear

What more will they do if they reach here?”


So the stars and Being of heaven reached down and pulled mans tongues and twisted their ears

Like a wave, confusion broke over man’s words, parting their language

Each spoke but none understood

The tower of their city fell onto their backs

And lay shattered under the stars

All the great people scattered with their tongues

Leaving the great old plain broken like a song


Man’s great name 

Broken not by heaven 

But by the heat that baked the bricks 

And the tongues of twisted hearts 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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