Tout Ce Dont J'ai Besoin

All I Need

How vague

How .. would one sum up all I need?

However, not to be mistaken by what I phene.

I need my family.

dread the day they'll no longer be on earth.

If an asteroid were to destroy our lives.

I'll be fine, as long as I know they are not hurt.

If a natural disaster caused distraught.

I'll be fine as long as i'm in their arms.

If the tides caused a tsunami.

I'll be fine, because they are all I need. 

In a world filled with strangers we are blessed with family.

The comfort of knowing somewhere, somehow

No matter what,  they'll always love me for ME

LOVE me for who i am

LOVE me for what i am

and LOVE me for who i'll become

Even if we are on opposite sides of the Earth

I know out there someone loves me.

And that's why they are all I need. 


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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