United States
43° 4' 12" N, 89° 22' 48" W

Like a caterpillar, I snuggle
Into three warm layers. I’ve
Built my cocoon, shield from
The elements for a few sweet hours;
In my simple sarcophagus,
Only nightmares can catch me now.

Infiltrated by bombs and guns,
No shelter. Smoke, haze grey,
Breaths short and rough, splattered
with dirt and debris. Left leg
gone. Bright red silk pools.
Training takes over.

The day brought strong stable hands,
Commanding the sleek black band.
Assured by its presence…I am deceived.
A defiant monstrosity. unyielding, strict,
Resistant to the commands.
Placed loosely.

Twist, twist, twist. Not tight enough.
A lake of red swallowing the missing limb.
The heart racing to pump the missing fluid.
The breaths quickening.

0600 Reveille
This mummy unravels,
The night’s hieroglyphs unwritten.


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