To Touch You

Your like a hot coal in my hands

A gift from life

thanks life

I set you down 

and I pace around

what the fuck am i supposed to with this?

If you had any idea the trouble you caused

I sigh running my fingers through my hair

gripping it, tugging a little to hard

For myself, I was already scared

I have to run ten miles just to sleep

I keep myself busy so I dont think

now here you are

and here I am again



the memories with you

my ears ring

an alarming sound

and I begin to float up up up

trying to grab onto anything

to stay on the ground

for me to touch you

is to a wilted flower

touching a flame

and the temptation

is driving me insane

I thought we set this on fire

and the wind had taken the ashes away

but now what might have been

has become what might be one day

but I am sorry, I refuse to choose 

because right now

I have far to much to lose






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