Touch of an Angel

Sat, 05/31/2014 - 11:36 -- Caty27

There are angels all around us, day and night
Though we cannot see them, they are always here
to comforts us and make our fears disappear
Angels have an amazing power to be inside a human soul
and we can tell where they are when we are touched by someone who makes us become whole

An Angel’s touch is able to see inside a mortal soul
and touching its heart is its only goal
Their eyes will be able to see the secrets of your life
and that a human angel can stop you from going into strife

Although a simple touch is quite remarkable
The disguised angel’s kiss is amazingly beautiful
Their kiss will make your heart race
so fast that you will never want to forget their precious face

If they ever see your anger and sadness in sight
they will use their warm hearts to comfort you saying “It’s alright”
When your heart for this angel begins to fill with might and care
it will pound like a rock when you wipe away the angel’s tear

On a starry night, the human angel will spread its wings
and Mother Nature will sleep heavenly when it sings
The disguised angel’s kindness and guardianship is something you could never miss
and every touch of the angel is incredibly rare, especially its magical kiss


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