"Toss Toss..."

Toss Toss.

-Only pretty girls die young, hung over, flung with a spatula over and over, never to be seen again, heterosexual sin reigns again, (and again) ,let me send the sin, to the dealla', who sold me the metal plate with the handle, candle sticks stay lit, turn the stove down before you dove down, females never fend well in my planet, there is too much time to waste, ask Janet. She's the one who showed me, showered down all around me, it is true. (It is the same say it again), she lives for these moments, she lives for these times, (gratify) yourself your foot is too small to fit, in a fit of rage you pronounce her stripes are out of style too.

-Forgive me Father for the thing that I've done, undone in my mind already, I'm done. Done or Don? That's a weird name for a girl, Know , but I ove it. Oven mitt, slit wrist it is the same, never dare dirty my hands on these filthy things, FILTHY FUCKIN' BITCH, DON'T TOUCH ME, I just came from Church, and I'd prefer to be clean, lean, mean, Eugene. Injecting Satan's syrup in the my finger indentions, covering it up, with band aid, featuring the beautiful Christ, trying to imparadise, with a thumbs up, but don't forget, he's a poltergeist-I (can) see right through him.

-Get saved through him?!, who told you that?! You're mine now. I'LL LEAD YOU TO FREEDOM , I'LL LEAD YOU TO PEACE, I'LL PICK UP THE PIECES, AND GLUE THEM BACK IN TO PLACE. IM HERE For you. WHO TOLD YOU THAT!!!{whimpering} [sighs] I told you to trust my eyes, on these kinds of things, misfortune misleads you on your adventures through time, time to lie now, and drift off into an internal slumber, for when you awaken, you will be (killed), so best to stay sleeping, or at least pretend, by the power vested in me, I here by pronounce you and me to become we, oui oui, you are trapped,
but don't think about that, I love you anyways, anyways how was your day? Yes you are allowed to talk now.
[he-he] Perhaps you're not used to it, don't worry, don't relapse, just collapse, relax, in my arms, and ill delete the cramps from your bruised arms... From the brothers without any mothers.

[Breathing heavily, Very angry]
-Peace and resistance is my very best friend! relinquish your pain. Excuse me while I bring up your mother's name.{WHIMPERING} No. I'll say it again, fill with pain, feel the pain, remember the pain, she flows through your veins, it flowed through her veins, died in vain, die in vain, no remains, you'll never remain.
Now Remain. Where you currently remain.
- Remain with me and she'll never hurt you again. Yes, I promise.
Do i love you?, you already know that answer.

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