Torn Apart

Don't you see what is happening?

Don't you see the emptyness?

Don't you see cold stare?

Don't you see the pain...


Zero love to turn to,

Zero understanding to retreat.

Zero kind words to bask in,

Zero acceptance to embrace.


Don't you see a heart is dying...


Don't you know that you could help?


Don't you know that you are why...


One open heart,

One loving embrace,

One true apology,

Two mended hearts.


Because when two learn to forgive,

Both heal.

And you are hurting too...

Did you know?


Can you find a way to accept?

To love?

To respect?

Can you find a way to heal?


I love you...

Some Hearts are dying, Can you help?





I wrote this because some bullying doesn't just happen at school or online, it happens in the home. A sibling or a parent. and that can be the most painful of all because the ones to love you the most will not accept you, and that hurts. So here is to stop bullying in the home!

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