Why do I feel so worthless? I am lost in the high seas of people I have known for years. Yet, I am found in a group of complete strangers. Then I am torn apart from them within the whirlwind of a week, only seeing just one person again after camp reached its end. Why do I feel so lonely? I never truely feel like I belong. At camp there was acceptance but love, now I'm left alone in an ocean of dislike and hatred. Why do I feel so horrible? I crush those people who care about me. I can never see them again so how can they expect me to give them the physical aspects of friendship and love they desire? Why are the people who care seperated from me by great bounderies.   Why can't I go back to before? Why can't I make it last longer? Why didn't I value my time with them? Why do I have to be left alone in my own tormeted mind?


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