Top Ramen

Don't be touching on my pasta bowl

Hold up wait that's impossible

I downed that like 4 weeks ago

Out of food, but I ate real slow

Out of luck, but I got a week to go

Oh wait,  I know just the thing

Run to the store, grab some change

Pick up a pack, maybe two

Three for a dollar? How could I choose?

Beef, chicken, mac and cheese?

I'll get it all if it's 35 cents a piece

One of each, please

I gotta feed these

Before I release the beast he needs at least 3

Sprint home with a plastic bag in my hand

bought even more than I had planned

Boil some water, cut and pour

I added all 5, could only eat four

But who cares? If you were in the state that I'm in

You'd be desperate too for some delicious Top Ramen


A broke college student

Like a bad electrician can't make ends meet

I know I shouldn't do it but you can't preach to me

Bought two packs of Top Ramen worth a fortune each to me

ignoring the health benefits

Or lack thereof, I know it's

Hard to believe but mama's recipe calls for love

And it's too hard to come by when push comes to shove 

So I add a pinch of garlic salt to the stove

Malnutrition seems too malicious I know

But here I'm sitting just wishing everything was still Bueno

Instead like my sink my life is piling up with problemos

My roommates notice my lost weight, I wonder if they know

Why I sit alone at night, stove light aglow

Pot's still boiling like why is it so slow?

It's taken so long but finally I'm addicted 

If you saw my eating habits you should've predicted 

I'd turn into an animal. And I know it's crazy but

I just need to hold on to the one thing that I got

It's been so long that I bet you forgot this rap is about more than depression, neglect, this cage that I'm trapped in

Just remember, it's still about my top ramen.


Some drive cars, call it fast and furious 

I eat carbs, their contents mysterious

Sometimes I read nutrition labels on my flavor packets

But who cares about dietitians way outside my tax bracket?

I cut that thing open and knock it right back, it's

No question at all how much I love the stuff

My first impression to people is that I can't get enough

My kitchen like a war zone, cook in the trenches

My hunger untamable, even gatorade can't quench this.

The water comes to boil like my temper

Impatient, a food fight to remember

Noodle casualties, call it world war feed

If I don't get my next fix the perfect mix of cheese flavor and pretzel sticks I might bleed.

I gotta convince myself that I'm on the right track

It'll get better and after this last snack

Nothing will be left for me but an empt boxes of TR

Induced a food coma please take me to the ER


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