The Top Left Margin

A kaleidoscopic land where the people smile white

Glimmering green from the emeralds buried deep

Dusky brown from the grainy coffee beans

Fluorescent purple from the fresh blooming orchids

Luminous sand in between your toes

A color spectrum of essence and culture


An aromatic land equivalent to a bowl of spices

The sweet smell of sugar melting in the kitchen

The salty breeze caressing your nostrils by the coast

The smoldering bonfire along the scenic mountain range

The steaming coffee at the neighborhood café

Parallel to the department store perfume aisle


A rambunctious land where you can always hear the birds

Cumbia and salsa booming from any radio

Blaring bumper-to-bumper taxis in downtown

Sweeping palm trees along the windy coast

Giggling children and whispering grandmothers strolling down the block

Your personal playlist wherever you go


The bliss and freedom of yellow

The tranquility and unity of blue

The spirit and dedication of red

The pride of holding the tricolored flag

and knowing you’re home.


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