Too Many Questions


When asked for a poem, what do I write?

Are there words that inspire, kindle, ignite

Passion and action let pages incite

Although I lack either, I’ll still take flight.


When asked for an answer, how do I say?

I’ll wait silently until cast away

Whims will trump logic and so here I stay

With a heart to break and a game to play.


When asked for a prayer, to whom is it said?

What if I don’t know where to bow my head

Want and desire leave me misled

My subtle replies often misread.


When asked for a smile, how is it given?

Head and heart are conflicted by reason

As those who ask want both truth and treason

I grin and bear it, hiding all passion.


When asked for a dream, whose will be taken?

All my wishes could cripple a nation

Just one stands out - its proposition

Is for just one other, if you want to listen.


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