Too Fat For Fame

I remember it like it was seconds ago.


Waiting in the hall for my group to be called

To awe a table of discriminators

And teach these other girls a thang or two as if I was an educator

Since I heard whispers

But because mama taught me that haters will broadcast your failures and whisper your successes

I decided I didn't wanna leave just yet

It's my time to shine and this audition is mine

I walked in with my head high

Confidence on power ranger jedi

I locked eyes with the judges

To let them know "I'm ready for you to judge this"

Just sit back and relax, watch how I does this

And I can guarantee that you will love this

Start the music.

I put my all into it.

Reviving these dead faces with my energy

I will make sure that everybody in here will remember me

This is just too easy.

Being the thickest one there, before I started dancing they secretly teased me

And when I was finished, they secretly praised me

And why is everything so secret? Act like a lady

The nay-sayers didn't phase me.

You talked about me with your friends, but on Facebook you wanna dance with me

That's funny.

I waited a week and a half for them to say I'm sorry.

With a weak rejection that basically said I wasn't qualified for the dancer they're looking for

I'm a great dancer, but I had a little more

To work with.

The girls they chose were like sizes 0 to 4

And when they danced, they wore bras and crop tops to show their cores

And obviously that just wasn't me

See, I got some extra meat

But when I hear a beat, music just speak to me and I can't help but move my feet

I didn't make the dance team.

But they wanted my choreography.

And I'm just like..."Are you kidding me?"

You've gotta be insane.

Jina Katura is my name and I'm

Too Fat.

Too Talented.

Too Fat For Fame.

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My community
My country
Our world
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