Too Deep (remake)


i been here far to dis pit n dis is heart is torn im all alone...and my mind is gon i cant carry on...i should be a don...get a job a betta chance sellin dope...wat can i say crime pays..i seen it all jus by watching zimmerman's wether he did it or not its not for me to judge dats not my place...wat make me betta then him i thought about muder a couple of times...jus a lack of a blow somebody's mind...but my bullets are my a killa jus the poetic kind...i hang with the slagas n my mother is a latin queen but no gang dont get it twisted im still conflicted..but im not different..from you..i got dreams to..though they might be unrealistic n i'll nva be able to beat the statistics...i sleep to.... i jus wanna be rich cuz i already been poor..n i dont wanna see my momma hurtin no more..n give everything to my daughter that my mom wanted to give me but couldnt afford...can you see me...can you see me....i need a fuckin genie...cuz dis prayin shit aint workin...n i aint tryin to say ur evil.....yu jus probably to busy workin with other i understand but im no jus take a leap of faith on me like i did you...cuz to be true i dont really know wat the future holds...dat story is still untold...n dis not havin shit iz getting real old...i got a mouth to feed..fuck a genie...its gonna take more then 3.........n i have no doubt..i knw i havin been to church but we can still work dis out....


(dis is y i write how bout yu?)


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