Imagination runs wild, but reason stands still, conserving her energy.

Thoughts bounce around off the walls; the well behaved ones making a bright noise as they fling about, the bad ones landing with a thud.

Conscious, a wise older man, watches off to the side, shaking his head, smiling as Morality holds onto his arm, deciding it was a good decision to come after all.

Emotion flows in, her billowy dress trailing on the ground, able to smile and frown all at once.


A short, stout man jogs in, papers falling from his overflowing arms; the collector of information.

Tiny, little thoughts run about his legs, tripping him, paper flying into the air.

Raining down, the stars touching earth, 

Conscious dances with Morality, Imagination shakes Reason out of her comfort, Emotion lights the scene.

And all the while,

Thoughts scurry about, creating countless possibilities.


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