Tomorrow's picture

Wed, 12/04/2019 - 11:22 -- muzik

A chirpy sound from a little bird caresses an itchy ear
Late night brand, growing emotions had no fear
Days go by and words same as they hear
Under mango tree, shadows speak love with two bottled beer

Reality shun, fantasy drives like a gear
But believe you me the promises weren't just a jeer
Lasting moments they pray, yet the end always seemed near
But he'd never give up, a fighter and a peer

In trying times he nourishes the heart as he rears
In a sole direction, thoughts and feelings, he steers
Only to have her in an arm with no leers
How well will it work? He needs a seer!

Now she intend to quite on her dear
Tomorrow's picture tho uncertain, does make her veer
Mind bouts heart, painting one sad cheer
For great was the love shared and not that mere!

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