Tomorrow Isn't A Promise

Stop, just for a second.
Take a look around.
What do you see?
A world, too busy,
To spend time enjoying the simple things in life.

A new day has come.
We wake up,
And speed through it,
Like it is our right,
To live.

Very few wake up,
And take a moment,
To smile at the rising sun,
And say sweet dreams,
To the setting moon.

Do we stop,
To smell the flowers,
And admire the greatness,
Of the trees that watch over us.

Think about it.
How many people do you know,
That would stop,
And look at the way,
The sun hits the leaves on a tree?

Take that number,
And add one,
You know me.

There is something,
Inside of me,
That is fascinated with leaves.
Call me crazy if you wish,
But it’s just one of those simple things in life.

So often,
We take for granted,
The things we have,
But never pause for a second,
To appreciate things in life that could be gone in an instant.

Never walk down the street,
Not loving every breath you take.
Don’t wake up in the morning,
Without a smile on your face,
Because yesterday could have been your last day.

Appreciate, enjoy,
And love, the small, simple things in life.
Say “I love you” to everyone you love for every TODAY you get,
Because, for you, or for them,
Tomorrow may never come.


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