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This thing we started,
Forever ago you could say,
Once made me happy to wake up
Each and every day.

I guess our journey is over,
And it's time to say good bye.
Even though the thought
Always makes me cry.

We always said forever.
We almost made the vow.
But I guess that is the past,
And this is now.

So farewell my best friend,
My rock, and my Ace.
I pray you find happiness
In the most amazing place.

I would tell you I love you,
But love doesn't count.
Cuz all the love I had
Didn't equate to a sufficient amount.

When would I stop loving you
Seemed like an outlandish thought.
I believe true love is eternal,
The time could never be caught.

I said until I run out of tomorrows,
But I guess tomorrow is now.
So I'll hold my head high,
Too strong to let it bow.

The pain will heal eventually,
They say it always does.
So I say farewell to the past
No time to hold onto what was.



i love it it'a exactly what Im going throught right now

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