Dying in its own name

the act seems to push others away

but to tolerate now means something new.

To tolerate is to discriminate against those you see fit,

I was called many things when I was growing up,

horrible names no kid should ever hear

hearing people say “you’re not welcome here”

but I stayed true to my convictions

I gave my opinions on how I see the world

but somehow I became the racist and the bigot

I protect my brother against people who call him gay 

but somehow I became the homophobe and the bigot 

I denounce the evils that tortured my great-grandparents 

but somehow I became the nazi and the bigot

I pray for love to return to our hearts

but somehow I am full of hate.

So what made me grow up is the new wave of hate

Hidden by a different name 

so now tolerance is dying

dying in the name of tolerance.

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
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