Today would be the day

The snickering surrounded her like a blanket

It followed her everywhere

The halls began to grow smaller when she passed them

She felt she would never be free

That feeling stuck in her throat

Her breathing quickened

Hoping they wouldn’t notice her

The names they hollered

Stamped upon her forehead

Every step willed her forward to her locker

Would she be the target today?

Was it sad to wish it upon somebody else?

Anybody else?

Was this the life that she was supposed to endure?

Hoping only to blend into a wall or a seat

Dreaming of the day

The day she would end this

The day she would stop the name calling

The snickering

The day she would be at peace


The one thing she longed for  

The hours dragged on until the bell rang

Names yelled after her as she climbed in the car


Today would be the day

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