Today .....Not Tomorrow

Thu, 07/04/2013 - 23:05 -- mikayla


             To clear my mind for the aura of a focussed being..

    To put aside self inflicted insercurties brought on by societies images of perfection,

 To  give the aura of confident fawless ness..despite the doubtful truth I think is evitable,

To show no remose to teh demons I feel I might potray..

To find clamness in this maddness I have  created ...

To remove aggervating and demeaning sineros from the sphere I have  created around my being

 To loose the empty feeling of no one around and no one to be found

Or  the thought of always trying but never hearing a sound,

Or the disappiontment in the actions they display,

But to know  what can be expected  when you live for today


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