With today’s Society being constantly changed
The life of everyday people becoming deranged
I can only wonder if we can ever rearrange
Our downs and ups that are continually exchanged


With the political system burning up in flames
We point our fingers and call out people’s names
Tell me who are we exactly to blame
For this United Nation is no longer the same


With everyone elevating every exceptional ending
The status of our future is nothing but pending
The minds of the children changing and blending
To those of influence and those recommending


Look at the messages these people are sending
Drugs and alcohol, is that what is trending
Millions in debt on what are we spending
Then not getting back the money we’re lending


They just want to make it no matter the cost
They say money’s not important as their jets take off
All they care about is designer shoes and cloth
Then constantly brag how their leather’s so soft


The lives they live are not real just glossed
Pressed into their heads, easily embossed
So cold hearted, blood laced with frost
I’m running from the life and I’m yet to exhaust


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