as everyday starts my day is good
i see you in the distance
my heart starts to do cartwheels
then i realize your holding hands
with her
my mind wonders off
im supposed to be in her place
i want her title
"your woman"
i deserve that title as
"your woman"
i keep my cool
and smile like im fine
but in reality..... im heartbroken
you played with my heart
my feelings
i was in love alone
and you acted like you didn't see that
behind the scenes
you fooled me
that title of being "your women"
was never really mine
she holds that securely with in her hands
the more i see you all together
the greater my pain
you played me like a chump
you said that
why would you do that?
im not willing to wait around for her title
either way it goes ill never be her
i guess you see her as perfect
i remember those times you worshiped the ground i walked on
how did that all change?
where did it go wrong?
if i knew
i would go back in time and change it all  back
so i could hold MY title as your girl
do you ever lay down at night with a broken heart?
i do

© amber shanice. All rights reserved,


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