The Titanic


I ponder what it was like that night,

As the “unsinkable” vessel slipped from sight.

Slipped from all her friends and foes,

From a world filled with joys and woes


The women looking at their grooms with longing,

The men gently pushing them to where their belonging.

The children wanting their mothers tender touch,

Like a butterfly longing the sweet nectar and such.


But the Titanic does not hear their cries,

It dives, like gliding into the deep skies.

The ice burg floats on done with its quest,

As the work horse finally has its rest.


The ship is swallowed beneath the froth,

As the warm biscuits are folded underneath the cloth.

The sea resumes its calm but frightful might,

Warning all crafts of this fearful night.


The Titanic will not go unremembered,

But while men, women and children slumbered.

Lives were lost, hearts broken, fear climbed to great height,

Remember and honor the souls that were lost on that night.


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