I’m tired


Tired of being told women are placed upon a Pedestal.

When the reality if we are upset we are told that we are being Menstrual

We do not see eye to eye, missing each other due to Fluctuation of Time.

How can we call our self as a united Nation?

From race and gender, to our Sexuality.

Why do we resort to violence instead of Tranquility?

There is no organization is this Chaos.

Yet when on the discussion of rape people just Played It Off,

A joke of trauma and Death

And still they blame the victim for the length of her Dress.


I’m tired


Tired of seeing people looked down upon for the color of their Skin.

Racism was thought to be gone by the Millennium

And still we witness Them.

With hands in your pocket and a hood on your Head

Go out in public and they will shoot you Dead.

We do not Forgive.

We do not Forget.

United we stand against this poisoned Environment.

Protest at will, take action against the World

Over throw the old way of thinking and bring A New.


Because I’m tired of being tired,

It’s time that we Acquire our Desire of equality.

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This is so powerful. As a young woman I can connect to what you wrote.

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