tip-toe love

Falling in love 

is a silly phrase 

I don't feel like I'm falling.   


I am floating, flying  

an upward feeling

like a dream 

a trance  

birth of stars within my mind 

a supernova  

as it all comes togethor.  


no weights  

to bring me down  

a hand that only lifts me  



This isn't a free fall  

nothing is dragging me down   

no bonds  

only freedom  

in the knowledge  

you love me too.  


For once the scale is in balance

pulling me up from a lower  place 

I can almost touch the clouds 

when I'm in your embrace. 


Taking your hand   

I stand tip-toe  

to kiss your cheek 

before this etheral feeling 


And I fall back on my feet.




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