Tiny, Little Person

One tiny little person

Sitting there all alone

Going to a person

Someone she’s never known


Two tiny little people

All alone together

Start talking and sharing

And being friendly together


And those two little people

Making their way through

Start to wonder

If there was more like them


So they start to search

And now they find another-


And there’s three tiny little people

Happy as can be

They do everything together

And have a lot of glee.


The second tiny little person, sitting home alone

Wondering crying hurting

Just to make her feel- 

And those two tiny little people

Making her feel at home

Making her feel welcome

Making her feel warm


But the first little person doesn’t know, 

when all of this is through

When the second starts to feel better

Something changes her mood


The first little person

Feeling something off

Goes to ask what’s the trouble

But all the first one hears is 

“No trouble”

“No pain”

“We’re fine” they say 

But the first's thoughts don’t change


The first’s mind starts to swirl 

And ponder

And wander

Till the first feels the worst


“Did I come on to strong?

Did I say something bad?

Why are you all angry at me?

Why are you so sad?

Let me help you!”


One tiny little person

Sitting there all alone

No one going to listen

No one going to make her feel at home.

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