The Times that Flew By, and Others that Did Not.

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 15:51 -- tylort

It is time to go to college

Everything is changing fast

But take a moment to acknowledge

The person you were in the past


Elementary is where it starts

When you had no idea what was going on

All your teachers thought you were smart

Some were right, some were wrong


In Middle School they tested you

Your intelligence was high

They said there were only few

Like you, so bright


But middle school tested you in other ways as well

With bullying and hazing

And the people you couldn't tell


You were different from the rest

You would tell yourself between the tears

As you endured this challenge for popularity

For two long years


The year that followed

You had realized

How big the world is

When you open up your eyes


You figured out that popularity is overrated

And that being youself was cool

Found new friends

And got "A"s in Middle School.


Then High School came

With a great sense of community

Until Sophmore year flamed

A new opportunity


You changed high schools 

To work on your AA degree

Two years later

You graduated, yipee!


The time went by fast

And youre a little upset

Don't think about those friends you are leaving behind

Focus on whats ahead instead






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