Time Of Your Life

I'm drowning in the thought of missing you
Many in my life but to name a few
I remember a time when our love once flew
Soaring high enough to see it through
Whenever I wonder if you love me too
I come to an answer but don't have a clue
Since the night you left me alone without my crew
if love were the law I would certainly sue
But the love still remains after a failed coup
I'll face down my demons as they come in slews
A heartbreak as a concept is nothing new
Sing songs in my heart and i'm feeling blue
My love and heart still hold true
Love and sadness are the same they come in twos
Once you bite the bullet until soft enough to chew
Spit it into melancholy pot of stew
A mixture of emotions saying your love is overdue
Put love in essence is a hypocritical goo
Get stuck long enough as you lose a shoe
But laces and soles can't sing ah's and ooh's
i'm drowning in the thought of missing you

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