Time Was Our Kryptonite

Thu, 07/23/2015 - 22:34 -- cem96

The days are now dark not because the sun sets at 5:30 but because it's been an eternity since we've​ spoken those 3 words out of emotion and not habit. The monotonous pattern of our "I love you's" match the mundane conversations that used to be filled with excitement and vibrancy. The spark of a new flame has now dimmed to a dull ember fighting to stay alive. We pretend it's all still there but it's not. On the last day we went to that park where it all started. The same park where we spent so many days laughing and in love is the same one where it all stopped.  The words we spewed were a mix of anger and regret. I can see the exhaustion in your eyes from trying to keep this alive as clear as the cold air in our breath. The same exhaustion that I've felt for months. My ears are red and my fingers are blue because my body has never been able to handle the cold well. I'm shaking not from the freezing temperatures but from the reality that this is really it. And as I walk away my whole body is numb, not because my heart is struggling to provide adequate amounts of blood but because I know you're not there to keep me warm anymore. We've both seen this coming for miles but it's still hard to believe that it happened to us because at one point it was real and we were invincible. I guess time was our kryptonite. 


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