Time to Wake Up

My alarm clock goes off, time to wake up.

Before, waking up was difficult but, now its time to wake up.

People say that you have to "face the day" and take on what it has to offer but they never really go into detail on what you are about to face.

As a child you are excited for the day to come, to play with toys and friends, to enjoy the company of your parents and so much more.

But as an adult the morning is so cold, its so harsh.

As an adult you rush the morning and don't appreciate life as much because when its time to wake up you have responsibilites, things to take care of and it isn't as much fun.

Waking up doesn't have to be depressing nor does it have to be exciting, it just is.

Waking up and going is habitual.

You can greet it or you can just face it but its all voluntary. 

When I hear the noise that interrupts the most peaceful time of my current life, sometimes I hate it and other times I'm ready.

Now, waking up is easy, but being able to uplift myself and get going is another thing.

Based off of experiences now I understand why adults hide this from their younger peers about the future, about waking up the next day and having to figure out what you are going to do next.

I hope that the time isn't near when I wake up and it will be my last time. Because I would want to feel young again,

I would want to remember my last response to the earth, my attendance call to the world.



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Our world


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