Time Travel

Tue, 07/09/2013 - 16:34 -- emmz867


Like oh so long ago

When young lake listened

and bright stars shown

and far roads are travled on.


We travel on

Through old swamps

In winters cold.


Warm blankets cover

Cover of darkness

Run Run

We dont know peace.


Like times before us 

Crumble like smooth fall

We travle on.


Like oh so many years before

We loved more

Never shall the rain pour

For angles will not cry anymore


Stars shine in heaven above

Candles and light for questions

Ask me I will listen

Calm like the moon Glisten.


We fly away

In the storm like hall

Grace and power is my home

In my hands alone.


Cold legs and unfocused minds

and I will love that kind

Crispy sheets and old wounds

Clocks that tick, tock, tick


Things are not the way it seems

Yet I will love evermore.


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