Time Ticks My Mind


It ticks away so sly

Like a zipping fly

Running to the sky

In search of the sun


The pressure sets me

On fire

Cooking my mind

Until I lie

And stand by

To watch time fly


The clock ticks ticks ticks

A constant flick

To remind us

That time is passing



Decades and centuries

Made up of days and weeks

Made up from man

Who spreads disease

And anger and frustration

And biting fleas

This time it won’t stop

It makes me want to flee

Like time itself

That keeps on ticking

By and by and by


A father can’t stop working

For his paycheck is lurking

On the verge of overworking

The father watches the clock bizurking

Because the time is not enough

To stop this constant working


A daughter turns 18

At the time of 7:19pm

These years have passed,

But at last

It seems the young lady

Has grown before her parents eyes, green

While watching the money to pay

For the girl to go to college and leave

Some day


So it seems

The endless ticking

Fills the thoughts, like mud

It’s sticking

And filling the world with sludge

It slows our lives

And turns us to stone

Robots with wires

And spires

That tick our hearts

Like time

That flees and flies


It’s gone

We wait to see the end someday

For what

Nothing but time at play


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