Time Stops

You yanked my wrist so violently as you yelled and said it was over, and a playlist of The Weeknd's melancholy music was all I had to lean on.

All of these arguments? I had tried to avoid them but lately they seemed inevitable, and it seemed as though you no longer wanted a part of us.

Harsh words continue to flee from your mouth. When did this relationship suddenly head all the way south? You know all the ways to set me off.

Your crude language provokes every inch of me and makes me tick, much like the grandfather clock hovering over us in the corner I cower in.

You repeatedly say its trust that's lacking, and even though I combat that it's not true, you don't listen.

So I lock myself away until day turns into night.. after we no longer have any fight left in us.

After the mood changes from pure hatred and somber, I wander around in circles, rapidly making myself dizzy, giving myself a reason to feel some sort of sick or queasy

And like quicksand, my head spins and i get the chills faster than anticipated

And I am falling down the rabbit hole, which wasn't my goal, but the sounds now escaping my body are deafening.

And while you are threatening to leave for good, your threats I know, are empty

And as I lay face up, tears streaming down my face thicker than my grandmother's glass marbles

I hear that slow and steady ticking clock, letting me know that time is stopping for no one.

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