Time is Relative

Dear Mom,


I can barely remember the last time we’ve talked,

And even fainter, the last time you walked.

It seems like yesterday you were saving up to make my dreams come true,

And within that instance when someone stole the cash you grew.

Twelve hours ago, you told me God needed it to make a miracle,

Eleven and a half, you put me to sleep and cried something hysterical.


Hasn’t it only been ten hours since you dressed me all cool,

For the first day I’d step into high school?

And eight when I brought you my honor roll transcript?

You were so happy, you almost did a backflip.

Not long after, you got me new shoes,

So I could be the fastest hurdler in school.


But it seems like only an hour ago you gave me a hug,

And tucked me in early, making sure I was snug,

When you said “Only tonight, I’m going to stay,”
But then it was monday, tuesday and wednesday.

And as the night faded into the next, week after week,

Suddenly the world seemed a lot more bleak.


Maybe half an hour ago, I looked into your eyes,

And you looked back with a wooden smile, saying, “it’s time.”

Then twenty minutes passed, and your smile was gone,

Along with your breath, telling us the light has won.

It’s funny how close yesterday feels to four years,

When “I love you,” is what I wish you could hear.


With My Deepest Love,

Your Dear,

Nailah Q. Oliver, A.K.A. Boopierre

This poem is about: 
My family


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