Time to Myself

I don't like being in public

Unlike others,

Lock myself in a tower to get away 

From it all.

Being a princess wouldn't be so bad

If no one constantly came to me.

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel", they say,

Wanting this and that.

"Leave me be, leave me be!", I always plead.


Hence, the tower.


Princes constantly harass me, anyway.

They beg from outside,

"Please, oh please let down your hair,

So I can come up to see you!"


How much of an idiot can one be?!

No one has hair that long!

"Go away!!!!!"


No sooner than they go,

I continue studying,

My only true talent.

Studying constantly for the day I'll rule,

And only have to speak to a few people


How I wish that day would come



Until then,




I like this twist in the story!

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