Time to Log Off


United States
47° 39' 28.98" N, 122° 42' 43.2972" W
United States
47° 39' 28.98" N, 122° 42' 43.2972" W
United States
47° 39' 28.98" N, 122° 42' 43.2972" W

First off, let’s just point out the obvious.

The idea of social media is pretty cool,

you go from a nerdy boy to that “tough man tool.”

But when it comes to reality I would rather pass,

because honestly facebook is, well, a pain in the ass


“Like my status and ill give you a rate?

oh boy! oh great! just what I need,

my news feed consumed by slutty girls bait.


Below your sweet Aunt Sandy, who yes, does keep tabs

Is your buff tough neighbor, who must indeed, show off his abs.

One picture is beautiful, filled with lovely butterflies and unicorns

The next may be depressing, a devils face with horns.


And between the weird contradiction,

lay what truly ought to be fiction.

Duck lips emerge,

excuse me, I must go purge.


Peace signs and shout outs to your homeboy Kurt,

take my picture please?

good angle, you can see down my shirt.


Social media evolves and now sentences are cut,

your inner vocabulary book is now officially shut.

Hashtags and pictures, retweets and replies,

the tweets are often frequent, mostly little white lies.


“Its raining outside #brrr #ineedajacket #cuddlebuddywhereyouat”

#howmanyhashtagsdoyouneed? #really though,

if i unfollow you, are you still my bro?


“I have 141 followers #hollaaa”

#congrats!! You have 141 stalkers

although i don't know why,

your about as exciting as the #baltimorecaulkers

#whoisthat? #exactly.

Your lack of knowledge is sadly no shocker.


Go skiing,

go swimming,

go hang at the loft.

Go sit in the corner for all i care,

but really.

Its time to log off.


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