Time Lapse

In this world of individuality

Can there be sin?

It is a great quest

To find yourself within

But can there be sin?

Can there be sin?


I can speak of another time,

An earlier time 

of Goodness and Grace

Mercy and Selflessness

A time of great carelessness

of what others thought of me.


A time without worry

Without strife

Without fear of who I am


of where this world is


of how I could be a


All I saw was You.


But today


I marvel at the sights,

The places, and most especially 

The sounds.

They drown out my voice

And I find that I cannot speak.


Do I live for You? Oh, how do 

I live for You!

This world breeds nothing but animosity,

an affectivity of hate for all things 

including You;

Is nothing but an emotional state of

individuality, for-ever seeking acceptance

and guidance from self-anointed, center-

seeking creatures;

Will never be anything but disgraceful and

a continual smack in the face.


To live for You is to be an outcast

And that is someting worth risking

In this world of individuality.



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