Time flys by

Time flies by

You're almost three

Parents are happy, happy as can be

You look around and start to smile

For this is the life that is worthwhile

Your mom is there to tuck you in

You lay with your toy and fall asleep with a grin


You wake up time, time and again

And now you're growing up and turning ten

It's your birthday and everyone is celebrating

But your own feelings are fluctuating

Mom and dad are yelling and screaming

At first you thought you were just dreaming

But what's happening, you don't fully understand

Why is mom in the bathroom sobbing into her hand

Where did the good times go when you were youthful

But now you're realizing your eyes weren't seeing life truthful

You try to smile and forget what you heard

You wish to fly away just like a bird

You hide your feelings and don't let anyone know

But every night you wish life was like it was a long time ago


Now you wake up and you're sixteen

But now you are hardly ever seen

For when things get tough and hard for you

You drive away out into the open blue

You finally understand how the world works

Everywhere you travel, everywhere you step there will always be jerks


But you learn to breathe in fresh air

You know anywhere you go, life is unfair

Things are stressful as can be

But you will always look back to when you were three

Happiness is attainable if you truly believe

Maybe not now but one day you will achieve

The perfect life for you and your family


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