Time Does Not Heal (T.D.N.H.)


United States

Pain is the only feeling that is constant

Physical pain no longerr bothers me

Social pain doesn't exist

It's the emotionl pain that kills

The moment you regret something

It haunts you forever

I've done a few things that I regret severly

Everyday I live with is burning inside

Slowly consuming every other feeling until there is nothing left

Nothing but the pain and hate

Hate for allowing myself to be decived into it

Pain of stoping it too late

Of not being strong enough

And the only thing I can doIs try not to think

Or else the subconsious monster will bring it back

Time does not heal all wounds,

The wound is simply forgotten

Only to be repped wide open

The moment it is remembered

Leaving the only feeling in it's wake,

28 Days Later

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Our world


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