Time for Change

We ask it for a cause we don't always understand
mostly replied by a shaking head or a troubled sigh
“Maybe later, the economy is tough, times are rough, I already give enough.”
Some reply with a tentative “how much?”
As though if you ask for more they'll walk away

We pry it from clenched fists
envying others contented bliss
Fully knowing we should be thankful for what we have
and yet
we feel as though we need more:

There are those blessed few who give
no matter what you do
Who seem to have a wealth
far beyond what can be stolen, rich beyond measure
Who by giving are a blessing
There are those few who maybe don't feel as though they have enough
and yet
give wholeheartedly all that they can
Who commit and say, “ I don't know how”
“This will all work out some way”

We feel guilty as though we are prying
with all of the asking and trying and asking and trying
But even so we hope to say
It all paid off someday

Sound like a local fund raiser? It isn't
We are asking for your time

“Time is money” the businessmen say
Life isn't all about money
“Live your life, love your life, live for life”
What happens when life is over?

We all have the same amount each day
24 hours
3,600 minutes
216,000 seconds
We seem rich if you look at it that way.

'8 hours to work, 8 hours for sleep, and 8 hours for the brethren'
five days a seven day week.
Saturday, who knows?
Sunday, for some, church
52 weeks of the year

18 years has legal recognition,
21 ends prohibition
24 the end of college
(Between 21-27 is usually marriage)
40 has this pretense of of crisis,
It's over half of projected life
72 for men; 75 for women

Seconds tick,
Hours fly,
You look back and the day has gone by
Day in, Day out
Every two-week paycheck.
Yet somehow so many have already grown up
And started lives of their own.

We invest in everything
A little here, a little there,
a whole lot of nothing
Few of us have committed out everything
and yet
It tall doesn't seem to make a difference.

Want some change?
So do I
But be I so bold to ask
a whole penny of your time?



It was a great strategy to add numbers in this poem, because these numbers are all ones that most every person can relate to, even if we live our lives differently from one another. Poems that tell personal stories are wonderful, but it's also amazing when a poem is written that everyone can feel a part of. Nice job!

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