time bomb

the thing that makes me tick.
the things that make me tick are the things that tick me off --
like the fact that not everyone feels safe in their own home
and other people don't even have a home.

i run like clockwork, like the fob watch in my back pocket,
but you have to wind me up to get me going
and it's real real easy to twist my neck
to get me off and running 
tick tick tick tick 

clicking of the keyboard, second by second
tick tick click clack tick clack click
like a twisted doctor seuss book
(the man had it right in bright colored cartoons)
where not enough people care a whole awful lot

and that makes me tick too, ticks me right off
tick tick tick tick
i don't write rhymes for fun or for fame or for funds,
i write because my fingers won't stop click-clicking
once my heart and my head start tick-ticking.


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