Eternal and ruthless

Nothing stands before time

Everything rises, and everything falls

All good things must end

There comes a point in time

Where you must look out into the deep expanse

And ask,

"What am I to do?"

It is not a crossroads

It is an endless expanse

There is no direction

Just eternity

Yet no matter how far you go through the ocean of time

You will never reach shore

Everything good things must end

However, this is only one side of the great expanse that is time

If all good things must end,

Doesn't that mean that all good things must begin?

There will always be a time when the good things start

There is no such thing

As eternal stress

All bad things must end

In a world of suffering,

in a world of joy, 

All things are treated equal by time.

Everything comes to an end

By the crushing ocean of time


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