On June 18th, 2010, in my third grade class, I wrote

On June 20th, 2010, in the family room, I spoke:


T errific father

I ncredible baseball catcher

M ath genuis


D  ifferent in a good way

A  mazing parallel parker

D ude, Happy Father’s Day!


On October 2nd, 2018, I write

With a few chuckles and smile shining bright:


T errific father who has taught me to persist

I ncredible baseball catcher who quickly became a field hockey passing partner

M ath genius who stays up until 12am tutoring me in calculus


D ifferent in a way that I now see in myself

A mazing parallel parker who must be ashamed of my subpar parking skills

D ude, thanks for being my best friend!


TIMe sure has passed, but my nine-year-olD ADmiration will always last.


This poem is about: 
My family


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