Till the End

You’re fighting to go for the gold

To keep your hold on the title

As bold as lightning

For showing that you don’t fold

Crowd gets frightening, it looks like a sea

That doesn’t believe in what you want to be, a

Hero, soldier,

Crowd gets colder


Feel the pressure

Growing stronger

Line to glory getting longer

Till the end

Work it better, work it harder

Let nobody break your armor

Till the end


I see you,

Paying your dues and

Lighting your fuse, man I’d really hate to be you,

For doing all the things you do

Cause you’re a hero

A saint,

Cause you’re doing what they ain’t

Yeah you’re trying, flying,

If you fall there’s no crying


Your wish, your dream is closer than it seems,

All your glory’s right around the bend,

Your name is always chanted, wishes always granted

Till the end


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