'Till Death Do Us Part

Some days I wake up wishing I was still asleep

Hoping that it's all just a dream

Stress envelops me like a newborn in mom's arms

And it slowly whispers its promise to me

'Till Death Do Us Part

It takes hold and takes charge

In the place of my heart

Here lies a stone pillar

Even in myself I can no longer confide

Look deep into my eyes

Peer into my soul and you will find

That I'm held captive

A prisoner of my own mind

This seclusion is making me delerious

My delusion is making curiosity fade away

I feel, I think, I know not the way

And I'm left stranded in an abyss of confusion

I know not forgiveness

No recollection of regret

After all it's done to me, I know not how to forget

This thing, this figure, this feeling living inside

This bundle of emotions is getting difficult to hide

It's changed my entire being

Taken everyone by surprise

Yet still I do all... except try to fight

It's become my other half

It's become all that I know

Since the stress has taken over

I refuse to let it go

And so I take it

To have and to hold

From this day forward

'Till Death Do Us Part


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