Till Death


United States
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Watching your body as it lay there so cold
While trying my hardest to look so bold
turning, I see people staring in spite
cause you and I are dressed all in white
so taking the stand, a few words I will say
just to try and make the pain go away
"When they said till death do us part
I never really took those words to heart,
But now I can see it was all for real
and now this time I cannot be healed"
So sitting down I’ll look towards the dirt
and silently hiding my face full of hurt
A battle so dark is now raging within
But this time it’s a battle I cannot win.....
Taking a look at the man i love so much
I can feel my heart strings begin to clutch
Walking away with my head held so low
taking but just another painful blow
turning my back, I stand there and cry
why oh why did you have to die?
Going home, I hide in our bed
pulling the blanket to cover my head
Smelling your scent, my eyes begin to burn
for your touch and your kiss, I begin to yearn
The Darkness comes and pulls me in
your face, I see as my eyes start to dim
Waking suddenly I reach for your arm
only to feel the numbness of alarm
So closing my eyes, I take a deep breath
fighting to hold on to all I have left
Feeling cold metal, of the ring that made me your wife
I quietly whisper "see you in the next life"


taralyn kayle


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